Our Vision

We strive to be a welcoming, compassionate, and accepting Christian congregation that empowers all who journey with us to serve God in our church, community and the world.

St. Peter's Pikeland United Church of Christ has long been, and remains, a vital force in the lives of our members and in the community.  With God's help and guidance, we are a faithful Christian community welcoming all to journey with us, and become a part of our active church family.

Our Mission Statement

Building on our rich traditions and responding as Christians to the call of God, we will enlist the participation of all members to:

§ Encourage a welcoming environment to embrace all who enter.

§ Provide a place to experience inspiring worship that sustains us on our spiritual journey.

§ Nurture unconditional caring and support for all within our church family in times of joy, need, and sorrow.

§ Set an example of service in the community by generously devoting our gifts of time, talents, and resources to meet local and wider needs.

§ Offer creative educational opportunities to promote spiritual growth for all ages, including programs for children, youth, and adults.

§ Continue a music ministry that enhances the worship experience for the congregation and provides education, fellowship, and enjoyment for all.

§ Promote diverse and expanded opportunities for fellowship among our members and friends. 

Our History

The St. Peter’s Pikeland Church was originally a German Reformed congregation, begun in 1812. They shared a church building with the local Lutheran congregation. In 1835, that church burned down, and the current church was built the same year. A new Lutheran church was built up the hill in 1843.

In 1957, we joined the new United Church of Christ denomination, made up primarily of the Congregational churches of New England and the German Reformed churches of Pennsylvania.

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